Digital Signage

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    We use commercial grade monitors and hardware made to withstand the heavy use.

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    With the right design, digital menus can have personality and soul.

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    Multiple monitors create a professional appearance that is also highly functional.

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    We design the menus, install the system, and train you on how to make changes. Ongoing support is also available.

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    Digital signage can drive your viewers to your most profitable items, entertain them while they wait, and engage your viewers with targeted advertising such as reminding shoppers about Mother's Day, deliver custom content to a special convention in town, or involve them in the experience with touchscreens.

Digital Signage is changing the way we think about Menu Boards, Wayfinding Signs in healthcare, retail advertising, information kiosks for conference centers and hospitality, interactive whiteboards for education, and many other applications. Instead of static printed signs, digital signage makes use of commercial monitors, media players, software, and cabling to provide a highly custom, highly engaging experience for the viewer. Touch screens, multiple coordinated monitors, and many other custom options are available.

A recent project for us was to create a digital signage menu system for a restaurant chain. We created a beautiful menu design, then incorporated a thrilling video of how the exotic cuisine is prepared in a fiery clay oven. The lunch menu changes to dinner for all locations with the push of a button from a central location.

Gone are the days when Digital Signage systems were expensive, complex, and difficult to use. Call us today and we'll schedule a no cost consultation.


Monitors, brackets, media players, software, cabling

Colors, logos, and text achieved by:

Full color HD commercial monitors

Lead Time:

Please allow at least 6 weeks, depending upon the scope of the project

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