Ventana Big Sur

Ventana Big Sur

When Ventana Big Sur approached us to start work on their signage we had no idea the adventure we would be embarking on!

After starting the initial design, Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge partially collapsed due to extensive rain and flooding, cutting off the client from all vehicular access. They made the decision to close down and immediately begin a full renovation of the property. CalTrans approved an expedited schedule for demolition of the bridge which meant we had an official deadline.

We kicked it into overdrive and worked tirelessly to get final approval on the sign program, which included everything from sandblasted cedar signs to custom internally illuminated sign cabinets. The only access in was a service hiking trail meaning every survey question we had required an hour drive down, an hour hike in and out and an hour drive back…better measure twice!

Over the course of the next couple months we produced over 150 different signs, including vinyl decals for their vehicle fleet, custom internally illuminated pedestal signs and even laser engraved wooden boxes for their PR campaign!

When it came time to install, the bridge still wasn’t open, we had beat CalTrans and the bridge still wasn’t open. We took the back way in through the south side of the property, a 4 hour drive one way. We stayed on-site for 5 days to complete the installation. When the bridge eventually opened the property was ready for the influx of tourists itching to have that Big Sur adventure.

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